An Easy Understanding Of E Commerce Solutions


First of all everyone must be wondering what eCommerce actually is? Well, eCommerce provides the meaning of being electronic commerce or simply an online business store. The Flipkart will exemplify it much well. Whereas eCommerce solution resembles the solution for some technical problem in the site, the design of the site, in the cart design of the site, payment gateways, promotional tools, newsletters, shipping options and much more. Thus, these are some eCommerce problems which require solutions.


E commerce solutions require much of the advanced techniques and soft wares to provide a proficient solution to it. At Syon India, you can find solution to your entire eCommerce problems as it deploys the right amount of graphics and the flux of creativity with the latest technology available. Hence, providing you with the best solutions.


Simple Clues To Know About Software Development Lifecycle Process Or SDLC Model



The whole world is changing according to the alterations in technologies. But in today’s business if you desire to survive and want to gain a heap of profits than, you have to walk hand in hand with the changing updates of software development.

Well, software development refers  to the several processes of developing the software in various successive phases in an orderly way.


The procedure not only addresses to the actual compose work of the codes but also to the preparation of requirements and objectives, the design of the prototype model along with the confirmation that what is developed has met its objectives. It is also termed as Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) model.


14677826-five-step-software-development-processThere are various SDLC models such as, Iterative water flow model, V model, prototype model, evolutionary model. The evolutionary model is better from the customer’s point of view as because the customer starts working with the partially developed software rather than the complete software.

The core model is very soon delivered to the customer so, that the customers gets the product within less time. The customer starts working with the partial developed software which reduces the customer’s trauma of getting used to the entire software. From financial point of view the clients can give the capital in increment.

software-dev-agile-processThe basic step in any application development life cycle model is Software Specification Sheet commonly referred to as SRS among software engineers is a basic need while performing application development for client’s business.

SRS is a written document which is commonly agreed to and signed upon by both the software engineers and the client. It specifies all the requirements and the functional dependencies that are required in the specified software for the client. However, it aims to clearly understand the customer requirements and document it in the SRS.

bl08robot_jpg_1883868fSoftware development may be considered as an ocean of opportunities which lets your business thrive towards implicit success. By the use of the right technology and process of a professional software development company you can really get your business to the skies.

SyonIndia’s Software Development: The Medication To Build Backbone For Business


Software Development is the medication to build a reliable backbone for business growth. And standing above that track, SyonIndia is a global IT solutions provider company offering progressive end-to-end software development, web application development, mobile application, eCommerce development by combining our experience over excellence.


We Are In Process To Build Up Your Business
We Are In Process To Build Up Your Business


What ever may be your business, SyonIndia the software development company in Bhubaneswar has the ability to develop custom software for your organization as per your requirement to make your business easier.


Making Your Business Complete
Making Your Business Complete & Easy


Here in SyonIndia we always understand the value of our clients time, money and value by offering quickest software support services which reduce the software downtime and increase the performance.


Innovations of Mobile Application Development for a Smarter Planet

Mobile Application Development

Welcome to the world of Syon India, where innovation is a ritual. From Android apps, iphone app development, mac application development, ios application to osx application development, we transform the life of people and delight clients with futuristic technology.

Futuristic Technology We Innovated
Futuristic Technology We Innovated

We the affordable service provider of Mobile Application Development In Bhubaneswar convey custom mobile app development services with perfect, transparent, and secure technology supported by timely delivery.

Convey Services Supported By Timely Delivery
Convey Services Supported By Timely Delivery

We help you to make flexible your market price and if your products are powerful then you can make a lead in any market. We also guarantee you to boost your sale and to make your product as a brand name.

Your Brand Name On Demand
Your Brand Name On Demand

Hire a Professional SEO Service Provider India to Increase Traffic and Brand Image


Nowadays SEO has become the backbone of a website. Popularity and visitors of a website today increases due to SEO.

seo company india

SEO gives wider marketing strategy and a standalone power.

seo service india

If you run an important business, but not such a well-known then hire SEO service provider India and stand out from the crowd and get attention.

seo company bhubaneswar

Leave it to make your brand image to SEO service provider you just focus on becoming an authority in your field. Do the average and have the opportunity to become exciting to the general public.


For Comprehensive Custom Solutions choose Software Development Company in Bhubaneswar

Software development companies offer services to local as well as offshore business establishments. Software Company in Bhubaneswar provide outstanding services at most reasonable cost to their clients. They give distinct care to value of the software application and ensure its efficiency and enactment.

In order to achieve specific requirements of clients they offer quality custom software solutions. Now a days custom software solutions are in demanded by almost every business, since the business requirements and operations methodologies are different and unique from one to other. Off-the-shelf software solutions are never able to satisfy all needs of a business process and become inefficient after some point of time. Custom software development in Bhubaneswar gives more flexibility and usability to its users in long run.

Syon India, the prime Software Development Company in Bhubaneswar, India has experienced and skilled IT professionals who understand specific business needs and requirements of clients. With their immense skill set and hands on experience they develop a software application according to client needs and requirements. They are experts in custom solution development and have satisfied clients worldwide. They initially understand the business goals and needs of their clients and then they choose the most suitable platform for designing & development.

Software Development Company in India provides business solutions for all types of businesses needs that is from small to large organizations. They develop software for every industry sector like healthcare, travel, manufacturing, education etc. Their custom solutions help in increasing business value for their clients.

Offshore software development in Bhubaneswar follow rational unified process for rich custom application development. They offer wide range of services and application outsourcing services at a cost-effective price.

Offshore Application Development in Bhubaneswar uses defined custom software development methodologies, which are divided in four simple steps as below:

  1. Analysis
  2. Designing and Coding
  3. Testing
  4. Implementation

The better software companies does a thorough analysis of requirements as provided by clients and the project needs. Then they design a proper layout of proposed project system and get it approved by client before proceeding to development phase. Development segment is most vital and time consuming, it depends upon project needs. During implementation stage they configure custom software on preferred server and test the software in live to make sure that it is running without any trouble.

Software Development Company in Bhubaneswar uses development methodologies which is exceptional, well-suited and uniform. They assure clients for a complete satisfaction with delivered custom software solutions. They also provide operation and maintenance support to their clients for rectification and for improving functionality of software system.

Reasons to Hire Software Development Company in Bhubaneswar, India

India, the name only enough in IT market. It is the biggest hub in the world for IT sectors. India has been extremely conducive for growth of any kind of Software Development Company. There are quite a lot of exclusive advantages associated with, if you decide to hire specifically a Software Development Company in India for your business needs.

Communicate with Ease: English being the first language for most Indian companies, clients from all over the world will find the communication extremely easy to Development Company. Most of the Indian firms are particularly sensitive to clients demand and are eager to travel the extra mile to listen and contain. India being a traditional country, Indian business treats the Client as God which gives unlimited leverage while dealing with Software Company in India.

Professionalism in Work: The work attitude of any Indian Software Development Company is unmatched to another place. Highly professional approach and enthusiasm to try out every possible Custom Software Application Development to meet client requirements make them the most preferred outsourcing centers among businesses from all over the world.

Art of Technology: The achievement of Information Technology revolution in India has produced world class professionals who can deal with the most advanced technologies when it comes to Software Application development. Starting from web based application products, mobile applications to desktop based applications; these companies create some of the most advanced applications that are in work in a wide range of functions by clients from different backgrounds and professions.

Reliability and Price: Indian economic steadiness that has been hallmark of the Indian growth story ensures that the pricing remains even and you are assured of timely release of quality products and services in terms of sophisticated applications. Software Development Company in Bhubaneswar stands out as your preferred reliable partner that delivers beyond what it promises.

Given the range of superior benefits that are natural to outsourcing software development to Indian firms it makes great financial and strategic sense to partner with the right Company that can truly be your business ally for a long time to come.

Syon India, the ever growing Software Development Company in Bhubaneswar, is a premier business solution provider, focusing its potency with right mix in Website Development, Software Development, Online Marketing, E-commerce Solutions, SEO/Search Engine Optimization, Business Solutions, Graphic Design, Mobile App Development and much more to fulfill the needs of every business.

Why SEO is Important For Small Business?

SEO technique helps websites to stand out among all the competing sites with similar content. Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Let us explore why SEO is still important.

What is Keyword Search?

People still search for information with keywords, and the Google crawler brings out only those sites which have the keywords entered by the user in required density. This is the primary aspect of SEO. You must put the keyword in the URL, header tag, title tag, and content. Thus the primary importance of SEO lies in keyword research and applying the correct keyword to get the maximum attention of Google crawler.

Link structure

Link building is one of the most effective SEO techniques. It highlights the importance and relevance of the page to the users search. Poor link structure minimizes the importance of the website to Google web crawler. This leaves the content of the website less exposed to the crawler. Thus link building is integral to SEO and SEO is integral to get good ranking in web search.

The Uniqueness of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine traffic is highly targeted. That’s because potential buyers who find your B2B offerings through search engines are looking for your products and services on their own, so they are predisposed to hear your marketing message. You can’t find a more qualified prospect than that.

Here’s what distinguishes search engine marketing from other types of advertising:

Non-Intrusive:  Search marketing is a non-intrusive marketing tool. Most advertising, both online and offline, interrupts consumer behaviour. If a user goes to a web site for info, up pops an intrusive ad. Reading a newspaper? Ads dominate and force articles to be continued on another page. With search engine marketing, the user is actively seeking your products, services, and information. They are delighted to be driven to your site.

Search marketing is the result of user-originated behaviour. Your visitors from search engines and directories have voluntarily clicked on your listing rather than any competitors, thus they are motivated to explore your offerings.

Search Engine Optimization business is in demand in Bhubaneswar. Many Seo company in Bhubaneswar are getting profits from foreign clients for successfully optimizing the websites.

Syon India – A Website Development Company

We provide Website Development services to meet all your needs in Bhubaneswar/India. Our IT department is highly skilled in coming up with new platforms to meet your business needs.

 Our services provide both design and code development. Which includes data base management. We use many tools such as: ASP, NET, PHP, JSB AND MVC4.

 Our team handles all aspects of Website Development. From analysis, design, implementation, testing to integration of systems. We work with your IT department on all of these aspects. We offer affordable Web and Software Development. We offer outsourcing of Web Design, Software Development and SEO projects to our website visitors. Because we provide affordable Web and Software services to our clients.

 We have affordable Web Development packages. Our Basic Package includes, 5-7 pages, 1 contact form, no email ID, No separate hosting account and 1 year free maintenance. Our Corporate Package includes, 10 pages, 1 contact form, dynamic gallery, 1 blog, 1 portfolio, 100 email IDs, separate hosting account and 1 year free maintenance. Our Business Package includes, dynamic pages, help desk, payment gateway, integration, admin panel, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, separate hosting account and 1 free year maintenance. Our Custom Package is just that a package that you customize for your business needs. Ask for your quote on one of these packages today.